Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tiny little drops

Busy street stands still
When little drops of water starts its own reel.
Some clean surface
Some create sound
Re-incarnate the magic
and weave it all around.
Everything is dead
It seems but its not true
Because I see a lonely man walking
Denying all the rules.
Dark, misty, windy, rainy
I'm sure he's aware
But he's fully engrossed in his grief and despair.
It's late at night
Dripping at my window pane
Thoughts or Life
What lead him to this lane?
His story, I may never know
So let's take it straight
And go with nature's flow.
Nature has rules
Not to bind and force us to obey
But to teach us a lesson
That everything in this world
Is meant to be washed away.


mistsonthesea said...

very well expresses...
love ur style!!

Maya said...

so true!