Thursday, April 24, 2008

I wish

I wish a gazillion things
from the stars to the thoughts within
I crib and slog to make them true
Only to realize that fate and destiny got to be with you
I wished to find meaning and substance
and searched for a soul an endless distance
I searched for the look and searched for the height
But it all lies in the eyes
They look at you
They stare at you
Admire you Inspire you
Still there's a truth they conceal
And facts that can not be healed
Then why run after the look and height
And overlook what's inside
When meaning and substance are all lost in time
And will make you commit unbelievable crimes.
We never stop to wish some more
to lace our lives with flamboyance and glittering galore
and crave to walk on the most adventurous paths
to understand the fact that roads always depart.
That two feet can never be the same
and rainbows are always after rain
I know it all
I know it's true
But I wish I wish, I wish I wish.